How to use the 2 tube washing machine the right way

In addition to learning how to wash clothes in a 2 tub washing machine, pay attention to the following things to make your washing machine last longer:

Don't put too many clothes in.

  • Be careful not to wet the control panel located on top of the machine.
  • When transferring clothes to the dryer, adjust the weight to balance the dryer.
  • Remove detergent residue after washing to prevent rust formation.
  • The washing machine is indeed one of the household appliances that really helps save time when doing household chores.
  • Imagine washing your own pile of dirty family clothes by hand.

You may have heard of the popular single tub washing machine, but what about the 2 tub washer? At first glance, it is clear that this 2 tub washing machine has 2 separate tubs, one for washing and one for drying clothes, while the 1 tub washing machine washes and hangs clothes in the same tub.

Then what are the advantages of a 1 tube washing machine and how to wash it with a 2 tube washing machine? Keep reading to find out how to wash clothes in a 2 tub washing machine.

To avoid musty smelling clothes, one good way to use a 2 tub washing machine is to always open the tub cover after using the washing machine to prevent the tub from becoming damp.

How to use a 2 tube washing machine

Before learning how to use a 2 tub washing machine properly, it's good to know the advantages of a 2 tub washing machine over a 1 tub washing machine:

  • Relatively more affordable price
  • Lower electricity and water usage
  • More durable because the washer and dryer are separate
  • More efficient in drying clothes

If you are determined to choose a 2 tub washing machine, consider how to wash in a 2 tub washing machine below:

  • Put the clothes in the washing machine. Usually the tub for washing has a size slightly larger than the dryer.
  • Fill the washing machine with enough water or according to the washing machine's instructions.
  • Add special detergent for top loading washing machines such as one of its products. You can also add fabric softener or deodorizer.
  • Select a wash cycle setting. Use the washing cycle according to the type of clothes you are washing.
  • After one wash cycle is complete, remove the water from the drum.
  • Refill the washing machine with clean water to rinse the clothes.
  • Transfer the rinsed clothes to the dryer.
  • Select the setting for the drying cycle.
  • Remove clothes and dry in the sun.

It is not difficult to operate a 2 tub washing machine if you follow the above guide on how to wash with a 2 tub washing machine.

If you are still in doubt, always carefully read the manual on how to use the 2 tub washing machine that is usually attached to your washing machine purchase and say goodbye to dirty laundry.

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