Tips and How to Clean Car Interior

The cabin interior of your car is clean, pleasing to the eye, but not only makes you feel calm while driving, but also good for all of us.

Why is that because of the influence of the temperature in the car that changes and this causes the cabin temperature to become humid and mold and bacteria can arise which can later interfere with our health such as flu and respiratory problems.

Let's look at light tips on how to clean the interior of your car, namely:

How to clean the dust in the car properly

Start by removing the car carpet and then vacuuming the floor, upholstery or upholstery, and don't forget the carpet. Keep in mind that dust also gets into the crevices so it needs to be cleaned, then at the bottom of the seat is also often found dust and in between the doors, then around the pedals and the area between the front seat and the center console.

How to Clean Car Leather Upholstery

If your car seat is made of leather, do not press the vacuum too hard on the leather, as this may scratch the leather.

Then avoid using a wet cloth that can make the skin texture hard and stiff. However, it turns out that caring for and preserving leather upholstery is not difficult, it is enough to use any brand of handbody/skin care lotion as long as you can choose a cheap one.

How to apply it on the surface of the skin and then wipe with a dry cloth or with bare hands can also. If the drink is spilled, clean it immediately with a tissue, if left for a long time it can also damage the texture of your car seat leather.

How to Clean Car Seats

Usually when I leave the seat with a special cleaner, now there are many on sale and various brands. Can be found in various shops and supermarkets. The trick is to spray evenly on the upholstery or door seat then rub and clean with a dry cloth.

If you don't have upholstery cleaner, you can use detergent, but mix a little detergent and mix it with warm water, dip a clean cloth in it, wring it out well, then gently wipe the chair.

If your chair is very dirty and stained, rub it with a cloth that has been moistened with warm water and a small amount of detergent, then wring it out. just use the fan.

Never dip the seat in water, because it will stain and smell on your car seat.

How to Clean Car Carpet

Car carpets are the easiest to care for, just scrub with detergent mixed with water, clean and scrub gently with a brush and then wipe with chamois or a dry cloth and dry.

Do not soak the carpet in water for too long, because it can make the smell of rubber and mold will develop along with the damage to your car carpet.

Cleaning and Polishing the Dashboard

Soft brush for dashboard and doors. Avoid using a half-wet cloth, why is it like that because the instrument panel or audio buttons, lights, and so on can be damaged or short-circuited.

Ways and Tips to get rid of the musty smell from the air conditioner

One time while riding in the car, a friend smelled an unpleasant odor, the smell came from the wind blowing in his car air conditioner, it smelled like damp and there was a slight mildew smell. Of course it can annoy passengers and drivers.

If you experience an unpleasant odor from the AC vent that has been turned on, you can try one of these methods by buying a store-bought car perfume.

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