How to Make Homemade Tofu and Various Processes

How to make tofu can actually be done at home using simple ingredients and tools. Tofu itself is a fairly popular food in Indonesia.

Made from coagulated soybean extract, tofu is widely used as a daily side dish by the community.

Although popular in Indonesia, tofu is a food that comes from China.

Tofu has been known in China since the Han dynasty about 2200 years ago. In Indonesia itself, tofu has undergone indigenization so that various variants of tofu have emerged. Because of its popularity, tofu can be found in almost every area.

Besides being delicious, how to make it is also not difficult. Here's how to make your own tofu at home.


  • - 1 kg soybean (soak overnight)
  • - 100 ml vinegar
  • - Enough water


  • - Blender
  • - Big pan
  • - Wide dinner napkin
  • - Pressure

Prepare a blender, put soybeans in it and give enough water to help the grinding process. Then puree at medium speed.

After the soy milk has cooled slightly, strain it using a sieve lined with a napkin. Squeeze the soybean dregs until all the milk comes out. (The porridge can be used to make cakes, croquettes, etc. if you like)

Boil the soy milk again on the stove until hot but do not boil.

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